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Uganda 2010, Part 1 June 14, 2010

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What a trip! I’ve been back 2 days and am fighting through the jetlag hoping to get adjusted soon. Thank you to everyone who supported and prayed for this trip. It was a huge success!

Where do I begin? My head is still having a hard time sorting through everything. I’m sure I’ll be learning from this trip for months to come. The main focus was to share the gospel with as many people possible. It can be an intimidating and overwhelming task. But that’s when you realize that you really can’t do anything and it’s not about you anyways. We always find that God fills in the gaps. The less we can do the better. That’s when He really shows what He can do.

Our team was blessed to see many people realize that Jesus does in fact know them and love them. We ministered in a village called Onyokello. It was about an hour and 15 minute drive from our hotel in Mbale. Most people here were under the belief that you have to work your way to heaven. It was so good to be able to show them that that’s not at all what God is looking for. He never asks us to meet any standard to know Him. He comes to us where we are. And that’s what gives freedom, peace and joy!

I’ll try to share stories and pictures in chronological order over the next few days. It all began with too many hours on planes….

I just thought this was funny. It’s the women’s bathroom signs in London. I appreciate that it more correctly reflects my body.

After flying all over the place, we finally landed in Entebbe. This is the view from our hotel that night. After flying for 2 days, you really want a shower. Unfortunately the water was out for quite awhile. When it finally returned it flowed in cold, short spurts. I had to soap up one body part at a time for fear of it going out again. Welcome to Africa!

Before we got into the vans to drive all day, we went hunting for some monkeys. The hunt ended for me when we started to venture into this little jungle. I’d rather not tango with a spider as big as my face thank you.

Driving through Kampala, the capital city.

Like last year we stopped for a break at the headwaters of the Nile River. So cool!

This guy noticed all of us Muzungus (white people) so he showed off a little. He used a water jug for flotation and ran the rapids!

We arrived in Mbale and got a little rest. On Sunday I got to attend the church I helped plant last year.
Traveling the familiar road…

They’re doing very well and I got to see many familiar faces!

I met this lady last year. She was so cute, she wanted to hold my hand during worship.

Here’s a view of Mt. Elgon. Our hotel was right below. We could see two large waterfalls spilling over the edge. Looks like a tropical version of the Grand Mesa to me.

And this is breakfast…every day.

Actually every meal is the same: potato, rice, beans, chicken/beef/goat, pineapple or banana. Sometimes we would have chapatti (fried flat bread) or carrots. It gets old after awhile but we really appreciated the food as we always worked up an appetite. I also developed a pretty big addiction to orange Fanta.

I’ll post more tomorrow, we’re just getting started!


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