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Uganda or Bust! May 24, 2010

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It’s Uganda or bust right now…and the bust is a possibility. British Airways crews just went on strike last night and plan to strike for 5 days. Our flight has been cancelled because BA is using what crew they have to fly the priority flights. Apparently Uganda isn’t a big destination.  But we’ll just see what happens. If we’re supposed to go, it’ll happen. If the answer is no, we’ll take that too. It’s not about us.

SO, if we do go…here is where we’ll be. We will be staying at a hotel in Mbale. Yes, it has running water and normal toilets. We cannot drink the water though (it’s yellowish in color) and there are interesting creatures that visit you such as geckos and bats. It makes it really fun! But the hotel is gated and even has a community pool. We’ll shuttle out each day to  a village called Onyokello.

Thanks for all your prayers!


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