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Uganda 2010 May 11, 2010

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It’s almost here! In two weeks I’ll get on a van…then a plane…another plane…and another van to end up in Mbale, Uganda. It’s exactly 8,916 miles from Grand Junction to Mbale. Yep, I’m a massive nerd that I just figured that out.

We’ll be flying out of Denver and through London landing in Entebbe on the banks of Lake Victoria. The time difference is 9 hours. So when you’re going to bed, say a prayer for us as we will be beginning our day.

Thanks to many of you incredible friends and family members, I am now fully funded! You are such a blessing to me, but more importantly, the people we will meet in Uganda. The team is made up of 28 people this year which is 9 more than last year. I’m excited as this means we should be able to spread out even more and get to know more people.

A lot of people ask, “So what are you doing there?” Usually with a very puzzled look on their face. Well, you’re right, it’s not exactly on the list of vacation destinations in the world. What we are doing is far from a vacation but much more fulfilling. Many of you know I’m a Christian. I grew up going to church…well sitting in church and doodling or making oragami. Some pretty incredible artwork came out of those Sundays. Anyway, I was pretty into myself and as soon as skiing came into my life, that was waaaay more fun than church time. But church has nothing to do with your heart. And mine was full of sin (that’s right, the nagging “S” word).

[Did the scene from SNL Celebrity Jeopardy just pop into anyone else’s head? “I’ll take swords for 300…..That’s “S” words!….”Saber!”  Ah, classic Will Ferrel playing Sean Connery.]

I digress.

So when I was in high school a friend told me about Jesus. And yea, I knew the whole drill. God’s son, cross, back to life etc. But the gospel message finally really impacted me. I was looking for truth and what reality really was. That whole “meaning of life” thing. Let’s face it, we all wonder what it’s really all about. The Bible says “we’re all like sheep who have gone astray, each following his own way.” And sheep are dumb. When they wander off, they usually die. That was me. Doing my own thing, the way I wanted, when I wanted. And it wasn’t fulfilling at all. But God Himself created us, formed us in His image, so we could have relationship with Him. Turns out He’s pretty cool…awesome in fact. And He doesn’t sit on the edge of His seat waiting for us to mess up so He can throw lightning bolts. A revelation to me.

If you grew up in church at all, you’ve heard this one: “God so loved the world (everyone) that He gave His only Son (to us), that whoever believes in Him would not die but have eternal life.” John 3:16. I heard this and everything clicked. There’s no amount of good things I could do to get to Heaven….there’s no amount of fun in the world that would make me content.

Grace is awesome. Grace means we aren’t getting what we deserve. God is all about this grace stuff. We sin, we mess up. Most of us (ok I hope all of us) haven’t murdered someone. But we all have hate in our hearts, or we lie, or live selfishly, or lust after stuff/money/guys/gals, and we don’t forgive. It kills us. We’re dead men walking…right from the beginning. But God showed me what forgiveness was and I wanted it. Turns out it’s as easy as this: Romans 10:9 “That if you confess with your mouth ‘Jesus is Lord’ and believe in your heart God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” So it doesn’t mean cleaning yourself up to make yourself presentable to God (not possible). It doesn’t mean getting up early every Sunday, looking nice and sitting through church (not the point). And it doesn’t even mean you have to “pray the prayer” i.e. Jesus I suck and you’re awesome and please forgive me and come into my life. That’s good and if you want to talk to Him about it you absolutely should. But I think mine was something like, “ok Jesus this is what I want for my life. I want you. Whatever that looks like, I want to do life with you.”

And this is what we’ll be talking about with people in Uganda….commonly reffered to as the gospel. We’ll also be helping out with basic medical needs as we hang out (many have big cuts and burns). A fresh water well is going in next to their new church building which will be completely run by locals. And we’ll be providing as many items as possible to the locals and an orphanage: toothbrushes, mosquito nets, Bibles, soap, clothing, toys etc. It’s a pleasure to meet these wonderful people and to know that I’ll see many of them again after this life.

Thank you again for your support! God is using you to spread grace and hope.

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