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Blown Around in Moab April 14, 2010

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I’m officially on a two week vacation from work. The only thing that makes that even better is that the mountain is closed which means NO ONE will be calling me! And no checking emails or voicemails! I care about nothing but sleeping, reading and the activity of the day.

Last weekend’s activity was biking in Moab. Rolling into Castle Valley and the canyon on Saturday night looking for a campsite was incredibly optimistic….or foolish. The two are so closely related. Of course there was nothing so we headed out the other side of town to some BLM campsites that are free and unmarked. Oh and they have an awesome view.

For some reason it’s often windy in the desert in the spring. And the Moab area is 99% dirt which means that 98% of that will end up in your little nooks and crannies. Most of which get very irritated when filled with sand.

We found a great boulder to give us some shelter from the wind.


It was really nice the next day and slightly less windy, so we took on the Slickrock Trail.

This is the classic ride in Moab with fun terrain and amazing views of the La Salle mountains and the Colorado River.

My butt was thoroughly kicked and we headed back down into town and then the canyon in the above picture to hunt for a new campsite. It was Sunday night so most people had left. The wind, however, was not moving out anytime soon.

The view from my sleeping bag

Dan joined us for his first Moab bike ride and first real ride on his new bike. We chose Barlett Wash because it looked like an easy slickrock playground. That it was, but the wind was blowing so hard we quickly lost sight of any beautiful landmarks around us. The mountains weren’t far away, but by the end of our ride we could no longer even tell they were there.


After only about an hour of riding, I was convinced I had a pound of sand in my lungs and the feeling of constantly being on the verge of a sneeze will drive you insane. So we bailed.

If I would have ridden this section, I would have literally bailed.

The plan was to stay that night and go bouldering in the morning. But when we got back to our campsite, we found Dan’s tent had become a sandbox.

And so we succumbed to the wind, packed up, spit the sand out of our teeth and headed home.


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