Getting humbled, one way or another

Easter Orphans April 5, 2010

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Ah Easter. I love Easter. Growing up we always went to church, had tons of good food with the whole family, and hunted for Easter eggs. Actually we hunted for eggs for several rounds and finally had to switch to plastic eggs since they wouldn’t crack, break down, or stink up the house when that last one was hidden a little too well.

We had egg hunt championships at my grandparent’s house out at the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains. I remember my Dad even hiding and egg in his shirt pocket and walking around saying “hot” or “cold” just to mess with us.

But now that I live down here in CO, it’s difficult to get home for Easter. Many of my friends around here don’t have any family here, so we had an Easter BBQ together. It involved cheap burgers, chips and dip, and waaaaay too much sugar. You’d think we were all still in college.

But the important part was the egg hunt and Ladderball tournament. Both were highly competitive.

Ladderball is my new favorite backyard game

Look at that concentration

After several rounds and some golf-style commentary from Leah that left everyone completely incapable of concentrating, we moved on to the egg hunt. Being the hosts, Carrie and I hid the eggs. Some easy, some required climbing.

And the winner is…Lucee Tangwall!

After the cookies, Easter candy and pop…we weren’t completely certain we’d had our sugar intake for the day. So we had an early Happy Birthday to Carrie and enjoyed some nice DQ ice cream cake.

A great Easter. But I’ll be spending the next couple weeks de-toxing.


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