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Last Day Powder Day April 2, 2010

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My ski season is now officially over but it wrapped up exactly how any skier would hope. Powder!

We woke up to a trace of snow in Grand Junction this morning. I think I heard a collective curse word from at least half the town around 6:30am. But my roommate and I got up, checked the Powderhorn webcam and headed up the hill.

There was well over a foot of new snow which made snowshoeing up pretty difficult. No one had laid a track yet to the West End so it was up to us. Within 5 minutes my legs were burning and I realized I have some work to do before it’s 14er time. Humbled yet again. But we slogged up Tenderfoot to the top of Mudslide.

Trudy got her own face shots

Since Carrie broke trail most of the way, she got first turns

It was so cool skiing one of my favorite runs at Powderhorn with absolutely no tracks and no one else around

On the way out, one of those moments happened that you really wish there was some photo documentation. Trudy was running in front of Carrie and suddenly stopped. Carries board went right between the dog’s legs and she did one of the biggest cartwheels I’ve ever seen. She carried down a little extra snow with her.

Well another season is over but it ended well and my legs are tired. Thanks God for all the awesome snow this season!


One Response to “Last Day Powder Day”

  1. Your PaPa Says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Great pictures–what a good time but now the summer is coming. You can toughen up by mowing the grass up there—-must be a lot of it.
    Love and Happy Easter,
    Meme and Papa

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