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Bike Butt March 22, 2010

Filed under: Biking — sarahallen24 @ 12:14 am

Reason #103 that I enjoy where I live: skiing yesterday and biking today.

I’m still just really getting into the bike thing. Last summer was my first real summer riding pretty often. And that didn’t even really start till late summer. So first things first, I had to go buy a new helmet. My old helmet is around….10 years old and generally makes me look like a massive dork. So my main requirement while shopping today had nothing to do with features, or brand, or weight…or possibly any of the things a real bike enthusiast should care about. It was all about which helmet would put off the least dork vibe.

I think I did ok

We rode Rustler’s Loop and Horsethief Bench out in the Kokopelli system. It was a good way to ease into things. I found out I am 1) decently out of shape for biking and 2) my butt is no longer used to the punishment of those wee little bike seats. I wonder if you can build up a butt callous?


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