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Last Day of Winter March 20, 2010

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Spring skiing is one of the craziest, most fun times of the entire year! This week I’ve gone from Chacos to ski boots in a matter of 24 hours. On Thursday it was 50 degrees here at the mountain and the skiing was amazing. With soft snow you can really lay your edges down.

The very next day, which just happened to be the last day of winter, we were in the low 20s and in the middle of a blizzard. I guess winter wanted to leave us something to remember it by. Well done old friend. A total of 11″ piled up by this morning.

Carrie on skis! Pulling her back over from the dark side.

We have a couple house guests this week. Mari and Paul are visiting from cowboy country- Laramie, WY. This is Paul’s 3rd time on a snowboard…this picture isn’t an accurate portrayal of his skills. He did awesome. I just happened to snap it at the right moment. Best crash shot of the season!

Mari taking a moment to warm up the hands. It was cold! But you guys should be used to this given that the winter highs in Laramie are -20! 😉

Only 8 days left in our season and some of the best events still to come. The SlushSprocket Bike Race is next Saturday and then our first ever Pond Skim on Sunday (Closing Day). Bikes on snow? Skier’s trying to ride across an icy pond? We just don’t tell the lawyers and it’s all good.


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