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Fighting the Fever March 10, 2010

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I’m in a daily fight right now against spring fever. So far I’ve managed to keep it under control. Which is much easier when it’s snowing consistently at Powderhorn. As the marketer, I’m scratching, clawing, and fighting to keep people interested in skiing through the rest of the month. But we are so fickle around here. Just as shiny objects distract small children and puppies, so does a sunny, 50 degree March day….regardless of the snow conditions.

I still plan to get as many snow days as possible before April, but otherwise I’m (not so) secretly putting together my activites list for summer.

4 days of biking in Moab next month
Bike trip to Sedona, AZ
Long’s Peak
Mt. Sneffles (attempt #2)
The Collegiate Peaks
Float trip (but where?)
At least a couple 3 day backpack trips (recommendations welcome)
2 weeks in Uganda
10 year high school reunion…but I don’t have to be happy about it
Teton/Yellowstone trip
Possible Wind River range hike

What else should be on this list? Is there somewhere I should see? For instance, I’ve still never been to Lake Powell.


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