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Uganda Update February 16, 2010

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In just over 3 months I’ll be heading out for Uganda again. I’m getting really excited. My biggest hope is that I’ll get to see many of the same people I met last year. I really want to see how they’re doing.

Preparations for the trip are going well however it’s a little difficult with my job being as fast-paced as it is through the winter. We have another training meeting this weekend that I’m really looking forward to. They help me refocus right when things are getting stressful.

As far as the funds go, this trip costs $3,300 which includes flights, lodging and meals. So it’s really not bad at all. So far I have $1250 of which half has come from people giving toward the trip. For that I want to say a HUGE thank you!! Your generosity is a blessing. I pray that the blessing would be returned to you greatly.

After what I’ve budgeted the next few months I should only need to raise about $1,000 more. I’ll also be selling my mountain bike (a 2000 Giant) for cheap, a ski helmet, long board and some sunglasses. Let me know if you have any interest!

Here’s some pics from the trip last year…


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