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Jackson Hole February 11, 2010

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I grew up in Wyoming but had never skied Jackson Hole. It was definitely time to fix that! My roommate and I packed up her rig and headed north to meet up with my Dad and his girlfriend for 2 days of skiing the steeps.

The logo of Jackson Hole is the famous Wyoming bucking horse and rider. They use it as their logo because you’ll feel like you’ve been bucked off a horse once you’ve skied there. I feel good, unless I turn my body to the right…then my back makes it clear that this activity will not be tolerated.

When we got into town we dropped our stuff off and headed straight for the park to check out the views. The Tetons are incredible.

Carrie stretching her legs after a long drive

That night we were tourists and went to the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar for the Super Bowl. This place is dripping with “western.” Saddle bar stools, spurs, guns, animals and silver dollars everywhere. It’s a museum.

Day 1 we headed straight for the tram- 4,139 feet up

At the top

Bye tram

Skiing rendezvous bowl…looking at the better lines over below that peak

Dad and I resting the legs on the lift

Ski hat hair

Town square; that’s a lot of antlers

After 2 days of skiing and, admittedly some souvenirs purchased, we had to head home.

Bye Jackson

I skied stuff that made me pucker and that hasn’t happened in a long time. This mountain definitely serves up something totally different from most places in Colorado!


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  1. jacob d. mercer Says:

    Tetons are awesome.

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