Getting humbled, one way or another

D Town February 1, 2010

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I’m finally back in Grand Junction after 5 days in Denver. It’s nice to see some landscape again! We were staying and working in downtown Denver so we never really saw anything but buildings. Last week was the big SIA Snow Show which has traditionally been in Vegas. A snow show in Vegas? Yeah, I didn’t see the point either. And now it’s finally in a state that actually has snow. Go figure.

My faithful roommate helped out with yet another Powderhorn promotion trip. We hosted a party at Marlowe’s Bar & Restaurant for 3 nights giving away lift tickets and PH swag. You’d be surprised how many people will treat you like crap when you’re trying to give them something for free. 99% of people are great, but those precious few make you want to throw their drink in their face. Needless to say, it was arranged that they did not win anything.

On the way to Denver we stopped off at Copper Mountain to ski for the afternoon. Unfortunately….actually fortunately for Powderhorn…they don’t have a lot of snow over there. But we found some goods in Spaulding Bowl.

And then I got bit by a powder shark.

And tomahawked.


That’s when you see these nice little powder spots that no one has hit. You are lured in by these pure white fields of snow. And then it turns out there was a reason no one had hit it yet.


Yep, 2 times in one run I hit a boulder hiding just under the snow and crashed harder than I had in a long time. Game over. My neck wouldn’t turn anymore so we skied one more run and headed down to Denver.

SIA hooked everyone up with cheap club seats at the Colorado Avalanche game. I’d never been…and quite frankly, I don’t understand hockey beyond getting the puck in the goal. But it was super fun anyway!

This guy next to us was on the jumbotron forever because he just kept dancing. He wasn’t good, he just owned it…and that’s what matters.

Too bad the Avs lost. I just wanted to see one goal. Or a fight. I saw neither. Aren’t those the two things that make hockey what it is?

Captain Morgan made an appearance at one of our parties. Either that or this guy likes Halloween all year long.

The snow show is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The public isn’t allowed in; they’re pretty tight with security. It’s the time when all snow sport brands unveil their product for the next season. So you get to see what everyone will be buying/wearing next year. The full city block size show full of  lights, colors, and music make it a total overload for the senses.

Here’s our local guys- Loki outerwear. Good to see them getting so big!

I took a break from the show on Saturday and we went to the Aquarium. I must admit, I didn’t want to pay $15 to look at fish. They don’t excite me too much…they just swim around and they aren’t usually cute. But it far exceeded my expectations and I really enjoyed it!

Carrie and the sharks

Dun dun….dun dun…dun dun dun dun dun dun

I think this fish was hitting on me

We got to pet some sting rays. Yep I was scared at first for some reason. Then I dropped my sunglasses in the tank and had to shove my hand in there.

All in all, a good work week. We gathered lots of ideas how to go bigger next year. Now it’s one day off, photo shoots at Powderhorn this week, and then off to Jackson Hole!


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