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Where the Beer Flows Like Wine January 12, 2010

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I escaped yesterday and headed to Aspen. We skied Snowmass, one of my favorite mountains. Unfortunately they lacked a “mass” of snow…but it was still fun. Even just their groomers are fun because they’re huge, long and full of rollers.

It must have been “wear a dorky hat day” because we saw LOTS. Here’s a sample….

This is what all my ski hats are missing. HORNS.

I feel it’s important to mention a GUY was wearing this one

Is it a kid or a panda? hmmm

From the top of Elk Camp you get a great view of the Maroon Bells

We did some goofing around in the kiddie park…

because we have no business being on anything bigger

Thankfully we found some spots in the trees with good snow and I even got a whole 4 turns in untracked fluff. But if you aspire to ski the Cirque or wall off the Sheer Bliss lift, it’s a minefield out there, good luck.

Oh and apres in Aspen is great at Cantina Restaurant. Their house margarita is SO good and only $3 during Happy Hour. Plus you can get a great plate of nachos for $6. Our whole bill was $10 for two of us!


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