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Uganda Again! January 9, 2010

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Again, I’m sorry I’m trying to figure out this paragraphing issue. Drving me NUTS!

Many of you know I went to Uganda last year. It was my first time leaving the US and I’m excited to be doing it again! The trip isn’t until May but there’s a lot of preparations and time will go fast. Thankfully I don’t have to get poked a million times with immunizations again.

Is this a vacation? No.
It’s a mission trip. And last year, it was harder than I thought it would be. We’re on the go all the time. And your senses feel overstimulated almost the entire time. But the people are so incredible. Playing with kids that had never seen a white person before (a “Muzungu” in their language) was an awesome experience.

One of the things I respect about this trip is that the leaders have already sent the funds for a church to be built in a certain district. That way it provides jobs for locals. The church will be finished by the time we arrive. It’s our job to go hut to hut, to schools, prisons, and villages and share the gospel. We can invite them to their new church where we help the local team get started. We’re taking lots of supplies with us to help provide for those we meet and the church family.

I’m so excited to go back! I hope to check in on the clinic we raised money for this summer (thanks to all of you) and I hope to see some of the people I spent time with last year. I’ve got a lot of preparation to do, mainly in raising the rest of the funds. It costs $3300 for the trip. That covers flights, lodging, and all our food while in Uganda. I have some money saved up but will need to raise a pretty significant amount. I’ll also need prayer supporters too! I’ll be mailing out a letter with more info so let me know if you’d like to receive it. It’s always weird to ask people for money. I don’t want anyone to feel obligated at all. Only give if you feel like it, otherwise please just pray that the trip would be very impactful on everyone we meet!


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