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Tour de Franzia January 6, 2010

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That’s right, my upper-class friends and I are downright swanky. Al came up with the idea for a Tour de Franzia several months ago. Who wouldn’t want to come to a party serving only box wine? 5 liters per box is just economical.

The only way the Tour could get better was the addition of a Mario Kart 64 tournament. This is the only game (outside of Tetris) I’ve ever played. My friend Al put the tournament together- 4 teams of 4, each person specializing in certain race courses. We practiced and even made our own racing suits.

Team Necessary Roughness

My racing suit (I was the Flower Cup specialist)

Megan’s game face

We played 4 people at a time with the screen projected on the wall

The trophies. Sadly we took home the silver instead of the gold. Next time though….

Sorry for the squished post. This thing is not recognizing paragraphs all of a sudden.


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