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A Year in Pictures January 2, 2010

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2009 seems like it flew by. But I’m guessing you got way more accomplished last year than you think you did. I realized that while sorting through pictures the other day. I think all I did was take trips. No wonder I don’t have any money.

Here’s my 2009 in pictures.


Night skiing

BC skiing in WY


GJ winter hikes


Shoot’n stuff- WY


The trip was worth 2 pics


Backpacking Telluride

La Salles


Blue Lakes

Rodeo Week in my hometown



Yard Sale for Uganda

Greys Peak

Flaming Gorge- never cliff jumping there again


La Plata

Blue Lakes again

Moab again

Whole Lotta Biking

Rocky Mtn National Park

First day back on snow- Loveland


San Juans


That about brings it up to present time.

Experiences and relationships matter more than the stuff our culture values. Go do something this year you’ve only ever thought about! Save and plan and do it with someone you love. It’s so worth it!

I always pray that God would ask me to do something that scares me. Because that’s when you get to see what He can do. Last year it was Uganda, wonder what it’ll be this year?


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