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Christmas Week December 29, 2009

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Anyone else have a Christmas hangover? Not an alcohol related one…but a red and green hangover. The world of marketing gets us preparing for Christmas 2 months ahead of time. The sense of urgency builds and builds….the sugar in your system doubles and triples from all those snacks….and the actual day finally arrives. Then you have a huge meal and a 30 minute blowout of wrapping paper flying everywhere. And then….cleanup. Strategically fitting every box and shred of paper in the dumpster like a game of Tetris.

I sound like a Grinch but I’m just having fun. I had a great Christmas this year despite not getting to spend it with a single family member. My job doesn’t allow us to leave for the holidays (which I still have a bitter-fest about every year) and since my fam is all in northern WY, I have to look for a local family to take me in. The Barbers are fantastic and took on the job this year.

I took Christmas Eve off and enjoyed snacking all day, church that evening, a Christmas Dinner of Nick & Willy’s (so yummy) and then we tore into the presents.

One of my favorite presents was a Slanket from the Barbers. It’s the super classy version of the Snuggie. Better material, kangaroo pockets and even pockets for your feet. They should use these to treat frostbite victims! Karen made her own snuggie from her robe to match.

Mari, Carrie and I got matching PJs. That’s a lot of red!

Think we could try out for a cheerleading team?

Me and our pretty tree

On Christmas Day I had to work…which consisted of providing a reporter a ticket to get shots for a story. Whew that was tough. So I just skied with friends the rest of the day. It was SO cold, but SO fun!

We even had Santa on the mountain

Earlier in the week we got hammered with 17″ of new snow. I snuck onto the lift before we loaded public so I could claim first tracks. Totally selfish I know. But face shots and giggling all the way down cure that guilty feeling extremely fast.

I’ve been having fun learning a little more about snapping pictures and spent some time experimenting at work this week.

Thank you all so much for giving me a great Christmas!


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  1. Kate Says:

    “Classy” and “Snuggie” are contradictions in term 🙂

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