Getting humbled, one way or another

Opening Weekend December 15, 2009

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After a crazy week of preparing, Powderhorn finally opened. I did something like 12 interviews with media saying the same things over and over:

“Yes, we’re excited to open.”

“Yes, its good for business.”

“We’re so excited to welcome our guests back.”

Saturday finally arrived and I found myself all giddy like a kid on Christmas. We had everything in order and thankfully, it was my most stress-free opening day. These high school kids got to the mountain at 5:40am to get the first chair of the season. The lifts don’t open til 9. That’s dedication.

After a couple more interviews I clicked into my skis and rode with friends the rest of the day. Gotta check out the product you know. Make sure I know what I’m talking about and all.

Eventhough we were all beat after Saturday (still working on getting the ski legs back) we held a last minute Ugly Sweater Party at my house.

The ugliness abounds

A dance party broke out in our workout room

While the guys played classic Mario Kart

I had the day off on Sunday but it was snowing and that trumps…well…lots of things. It snowed so hard visibility was limited at times. White gold!

Its good to be back in the winter rhythm!


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