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Thanksgiving Shenanigans December 1, 2009

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The 8 day break I took for Thanksgiving was much needed! I only worked about an hour out of the whole week….man I could get used to that. I’m paying for it now with 200 emails and who knows how many voicemails. I haven’t quite tackled that blinking red light yet.

Here’s a few pics from the holiday week. I need to get the rest off my other camera.

On the way up I got stuck in a sheep herd in Meeker. I swear this has happen at least half the times I’ve gone up for T-Day. Look they’re numbered just like those bedtime sheep!

We took Shelby ice skating for her first time. We’re working on the next….uh….I don’t know the names of famous figure skaters. Besides Tonya Harding. And we don’t want that.

Dad cruising by Rhonda who is posing for yet another photo…

Dad “teaching” Shelby to skate

Beautiful sunset!

Cute girls!


One Response to “Thanksgiving Shenanigans”

  1. dan allen Says:

    that sunset photo over the ice rink is amazing.

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