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Sheridan’s Finest November 24, 2009

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I’m up in Sheridan for Thanksgiving and was just browsing The Sheridan Press. I found the police reports to be incredibly entertaining. These are actual reports from today’s paper:


Dead animal- cat; remains transported to shelter for owner identification

Civil dispute- parties were separated

Cat trap set

Animal call- skunk sighted

Barking dog

Dog at large

Hazardous condition- paint can in road

Traffic complaint- motorcycle on sidewalk

Suspicious circumstances- knife and screwdriver found

Dogs reported missing

And my personal favorite…..

Suspicious circumstance- subject found traffic cone outside her door



I’m glad though that Sheridan only has these kinds of problems



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  1. […] Mom knows how much I love reading the police reports in my hometown newspaper. See previous posts. And because my Mom loves me she mailed me this clipping straight from The Sheridan Press… […]

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