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Working to Ski November 17, 2009

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November is kicking my butt.


This weekend was the Denver Ski & Snowboard Expo. It’s 3  ten-hour days in the convention center under florescent lights that feel like they’re burning your retinas. It’s fun to chat with people about skiing. It just wears you down.


Looking alive on Day 2


To celebrate the end of the expo, my friend Wendy joined us from CO Springs for dinner. If  you’re ever on 16th go to the Paramount Cafe and order the Buffalo Gorgonzola Burger.

Oh. My. Gosh.

Best burger ever. Followed by a brownie sundae. I choose that as my last meal before leaving this earth. Make note of it.


The next day I had to do an interview for Powderhorn on Fox 31- MartinoTV. I do the news a lot here in Junction but this was far different. The studios there are huge comparatively and so professional. The hosts of the show are good so it made for an easy segment.

If you want to see it, click here then look for “Ski Deal: Powderhorn Resort…” under the videos on the homepage.


As soon as we got done at Fox we headed for the slopes. It would be wrong to drive past so many ski areas without stopping! We hit Loveland for my second day on the hill.



Last time it was me, but Carrie owned the best crash of the day. Here she is digging the snow out of her pants.



We skied until the sun went behind the Continental Divide…then it was freeeeezing!



Thanks to the Starbucks lady in Copper for the free extra shot. That drive home would have sucked without you.

The special ingredient is never ‘love’…it’s caffeine.


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