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Trick or Treat? October 28, 2009

Filed under: Pithy attempts at humor — sarahallen24 @ 3:32 pm

I choose TRICK! So much more fun than chocolate. Unless you can eat chocolate while doing the trick…then it’s absolutely perfect.


On Sunday night, my roomate and I fought to stay awake just until midnight to pull our little stunt. We drove out to Orchard Mesa to the house of friends Bret & Lisa. Objective: make it appear that a bum had setup camp in their yard and spent the night. We had collected materials from Salvation Army including a trashy backpack and old suitcase plus ratty blankets. Then we went to the recycling center, explained ourselves to the nice recycling man, and then dove into the bins collecting as many empty beer cans as possible. I won’t lie, we received A LOT of strange looks.


But the end result was magificent…


prank 002


And the even better part…Bret & Lisa competely fell for it and thought someone had spent the night in their yard. The spent their morning before work cleaning up the mess and scratching their heads. Success!


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