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Sheridan 5-0 October 10, 2009

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My Mom turned 50 last week and I was fortunate enough to be able to fly home for the festivities. She’s the youngest of 5 kids so, having given all those before her an extremely hard time on their birthdays, she really had it coming.

Both my aunts were not going to miss this golden opportunity and travelled to Sheridan as well. Aunt Cindy made up these shirts and we all wore them all over town. We drew some pretty good looks and thoroughly embarrassed Mom.

Me, Mom, Marja, Cindy

Mom Bday 012

Its widely known throughout my family that I only enter the kitchen to grab the milk and cereal. So I thought it would be a very nice thing to put forth as much effort as possible and bake my Mom’s birthday cake. My original plans were very ambitious and optimistic- to make the cake from scratch. But as the time to bake came closer, I opted for some help via Betty Crocker.

Barbie is also 50 this year, and Mom has quite the collection so it was appropriate that she be on the cake.

Mom Bday 002

I’m not so good at the decorating…

To my delight, it had been snowing all day and night while there.

Mom Bday 001

We fired up the BBQ in the snow

Mom Bday 004

I had been downstairs when my Mom yelled, “Sarah could you come up here?” There was a sense of urgency in her voice. She met me at the top of the stairs and asked, “How do you put out a fire? Is it sugar or flour?”

Ummmm….fire? I think it’s actually baking soda. FIRE?!

Some grease caused quite the fireball underneath the grill. Here’s what it looked like after it died down some.

Mom Bday 006

And here’s what the burgers looked like…

Mom Bday 008

Mom was required to wear her princess crown

Mom Bday 009

Then Kiaya claimed it

Mom Bday 013

Hanging out with the kiddo

Mom Bday 018

A quick trip but well worth it!


One Response to “Sheridan 5-0”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Good job Sarah!! I think we all successfully inducted your Mom into the Fifties!!! It was a great time! She’s warming up to the idea of being a half century, and rather gracefully I might add!! So good to see you and get caught up with what God is “up to” in your life~~you make us proud!! Thanks for everything! Love, Aunt Cindy (the OLDER one!!!)

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