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Biking at Work October 4, 2009

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HOWDY Cowboys and Cowgirls! I’m up in Sheridan, WY right now visiting the fam. Mom’s big 50th is this week. We’re forbidden from talking about it…reminding her….and from using the number 50  in any form. But she’ll just have to get over because the party will be great!


While at work on Friday, a couple of us rode the West Bench trail to the top of our main lift and then rode down the mountain. I can never participate in “bike to work day” so this was my alternative. Just bike AT work. Reason #142 that my job doesn’t suck: mountain biking at work.


The ride across West Bench is mellow cruising in and out of aspens and meadows.



Trudy tracked down a porcupine….yes, again…you’d think she’d be afraid of them by now. But thankfully it didn’t pummel her with 200 quills. It sauntered up a tree and didn’t mind me taking pictures. He’s got to be the biggest I’ve ever seen!



After a short time riding we arrived at the top of the lift. I found myself scoping my favorite spots, wishing there was snow on the ground.



On the way down



At our Midway station, the sun setting over the valley. WOW



Carrie had forgotten to bring my helmet so I was trying to play it pretty safe. I had successfully survived the ride…then on the last switchback I really let go. After hitting some loose rock, my back tire fishtailed all over the place causing me to think a crash was imminent. I was able to get control again and just as I looked back at Carrie laughing about my success, two grouse flew out of the brush beside me causing me to scream like a wee little girl and almost die again. But all is well…


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