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It Begins and Ends in Moab September 27, 2009

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My summer began with a trip to Moab and this weekend, it ended with Moab as well. Since it’s so warm over there, it’s the perfect place to play in the spring and fall. Going in the middle of summer is just plain stupid. 100+ temps and 500 billion tourists make for a bad time.


My roomate and I went over specifically to bike this time. We took off Friday morning and made it to the Slickrock trail before it was too crazy. This system is so fun! You’re on sandstone the whole time with big climbs and downhill, drops that are too scary for me, and fun little bowls.


Carrie on one of the climbs

Sept25 090


Taking a break, using Trudy for my head rest and checking out the view

Sept25 093


After riding a couple hours we were already toast…and running low on water so we wrapped it up. Riding slickrock is addictive though and I’m already trying to pick one more weekend to go back.


We rolled into town stinking something fierce but snagged a smoothie and nachos anyway….I know, weird combination to throw at your stomach. Then we headed out to a cool sandy spot along the Colorado River.

It looked like this…

Sept25 036


Sept25 024


As the sun set, we made our way to our campsite across from Fisher Towers.

Sept25 055


The next day, I was pretty sore. Ok well mostly just my toes and butt. First, while loading up firewood at the store I was more concerned with the beverage in my hand than the wrapped stack of wood. A block of wood fell out landing directly on my bare toes. The sound that came out was something like MMMMMMMMMAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! The whole parking lot full of people at City Market were staring.

Second, I didn’t have any bike shorts so I rode in just gym shorts the first day. What a gaper thing to do. The last thing my butt wanted on Saturday was to come in contact with a bike seat. But I wanted to ride still! So I went into town and bought some padded shorts. Sooooo much better! We went up to Dead Horse Point State Park to check out the famous views and rode a singletrack loop with cool overlooks.

Sept25 066


I don’t know if there’s another fire or what, but it was kinda hazy on Saturday. Nevertheless, it’s still a cool view.

This might possibly be the first time someone has given themselves the bunny ears in a picture!

Sept25 078


Carrie and the canyon

Sept25 080


We snagged some snacks in town then headed back out to the river to cool off. Trudy discovered the perfect formula for mangy dog….lots of water then lots of rolling in sand

Sept25 106


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