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Falling for Fall September 22, 2009

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Today is officially the first day of Fall and to celebrate, it was in the 30s this morning in Grand Junction, it’s even colder up here at work, and there’s snow in the high country! This means skiing is in the near future and that’s always good news.

This weekend was a the perfect celebration of Fall with all the activities I was able to get in on. My friend Andi came up for a visit from Phoenix…where it was 105 yesterday. Originally from Colorado but living in Arizona now, she has become a sissy when it comes to cooler temperatures. With Andi in town, we hit the full circuit of what GJ had to offer this weekend.

First we cruised the last Farmer’s Market downtown on Thursday night and had a good meal at the Rockslide. Then on Friday night we threw an End of Summer BBQ at the Mansion complete with a campfire. Storms came in though and blew the flames a little too close to the house for comfort. So we moved inside and watched the Rockies get upset by the Arizona Diamondbacks. Andi, tell your team to get out of the way, the Rockies have a date with MLB postseason!

On Saturday I had to “work” the Colorado Mtn. Winefest so the girls came out as well to sip wine all day. Here’s yet another reason why my job doesn’t suck.

“working” the Powderhorn booth at Winefest

misc 101

The firemen were giving out these hats for the KIDS….it fit Carrie perfectly. Dang that’s a small head.

misc 102

Things you learn the hard way at a wine festival-

1. You’re supposed to taste, not chug the wine.
2. The crackers are to cleanse the palate, not to be eaten by the handful for a snack.
3. Say things like “nose, aroma, finish, dry, sweet, veins” every once in awhile just to attempt to fit in.
4. Drink water….
5. Eat bread
6. Probably don’t remark about how gross a particular wine is right in front of the winemaker.

misc 103

After just an hour of tasting, this was our only view…

misc 106

The next day was the first of the Color Sundays at Powderhorn so I had to go to work for a few hours. And well, here’s what I ended up doing…

Click on the video

After getting rained out I went home where we all put on sweat pants for the first time this season and flopped on the couch…well until the mouse made an appearance again. Yep, he’s not dead yet. We’ve had a variety of traps set for a week. He steals the cheese off the traps and never gets caught! Sunday night we had him trapped in the kitchen…even had the fridge and stove pulled out. Still didn’t catch him. Then we saw him bolt under the piano….so we tore that apart. After some research on Google we found out they don’t like the smell of mint. So we soaked cottonballsĀ in moutwash and put them in the piano along with mint gum….still didn’t snag him. Imagine 3 of us running around the house with bowls trying to snag this little guy. It’s getting pretty embarrassing.


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