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Animal Kingdom September 15, 2009

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My roomate took off for a week of climbing in Wyoming…and I’m a sissy on that one so I stuck around. She took her dog with her which has, apparently, given license to freedom for the little critters around here.

While watching tv yesterday I noticed a large brown form dart out from behind the entertainment center. Automatic reaction: SPIDER!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Ok no, thank God, just a mouse. Well they’re cute but not so good to have in the house. I remember Carrie saying, “There’s mice in the garage now and Trudy (dog) has caught a couple in the backyard so be careful not to leave any doors open or anything.” Got it, check. Wait…oops. I didn’t realize I left the back door wide open for most of the day. Bad roomate.

So now it’s my duty to track him down and get him out. I just don’t want to clean up mouse mush and I didn’t really want to do the poison thing. So I pondered this aloud while at dinner with my friend Alex. He is quite the handy guy…a real MacGuyver…so he built me a live trap out of a soup can, spatula, mouse trap spring and zip ties.


misc 003

We put peanut butter in there and set our trap. When I got up this morning I fully expected to find a fury little friend in the trap.


So I added swiss cheese.

And while reading on the couch today I see him run from my roomate’s bedroom right past me into the coat closet.

Ok now he’s just taunting me. In fact I’ve named him Chuckles because I can hear his little laughter.

Well I’ve relocated the trap right outside the closet….still waiting.

misc 005

And I just found this guy out on the patio…going nowhere fast.

His name is Buzz.

misc 004

The doodle should probably come home and deal with all this.


One Response to “Animal Kingdom”

  1. andi Says:

    Um, I think you might need a cat…

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