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The Last Breathes of Summer September 9, 2009

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Memorial Day weekend seems to be the summer kick-offf and Labor Day weekend is the mark that it’s really winding down. If that’s the case, we are going out with a bang. A group of us went up to Aspen for the weekend mainly for the Black Eyed Peas concert. But while there, why not tackle another 14er for the summer?


First we hit the concert at Snowmass. Elvis Costello opened and enjoyed watching some tipsy older fans shake their groove thing. It was…entertaining.

aspen 025


Then it was the older crowd’s turn to make fun of us when the Black Eyed Peas took the stage!


Megan, Nate and Lucee waiting for it all to begin


aspen 027


Then it was time to start politely shoving our way toward the stage. Who knew Kermit was a fan of the Black Eyed Peas? Some girl had him crowd surfing…and generally annoying everyone around.


aspen 049


You never know with these poppy groups if they’ll be very good live. But the peas put on a great show and I’d definitely go see them again. I was actually sore the next day from dancing.

aspen 064

After a late night, we crashed in our cars outside Aspen on Independence Pass. Well when you go to bed at 4am you miss the signs that say NO CAMPING. And honestly, it was a really small sign. But we woke up a 7am to a deputy pounding on the window telling us all to get up. Then he proceeded to issue EACH ONE of us a ticket for $125 !!!!!! Good grief, $125 ticket for camping? Thanks a lot Aspen. Guess you didn’t notice we weren’t sleeping in a Bentley.


Anyways, we found a legal place to camp, threw out the tent and went back to bed. The others had headed home while Carrie and I bummed around all day. Then we got up Monday morning to hike our last 14er of the summer- La Plata Peak. This was one of the harder ones I’ve done, just because of the amount of elevation gain in 5 miles, but the views on top were so rewarding.

On the way up the valley. Not sure what this peak was, but it’s not what we climbed. La Plata was to the left. Just thought this was an amazing view as the sun came up!


aspen 072


After hiking a couple hours, we finally got to the ridge and started this final approach. It was steeper than it looks here with a good amount of scrambling.

aspen 073


But 2 energy gel shots later and lots of bucking up, we reached the summit.

aspen 082


The views were stunning, we were surrounded by peaks and ranges as far as the eye could see


aspen 080


This was my 14th 14er! As the weather is getting less friendly for 14ers, I think this will be the last one of the season. But what a good way to end. We snagged 4 peaks this summer. Not bad at all really. Now it’s time to focus on fall-activities like the Colorado Mtn. Winefest, mountain biking around GJ, and finish off with a trip to Moab. But I have to admit, I’m tempted every day to start watching ski and snowboard videos. Bring on the snow!


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