Getting humbled, one way or another

20 Something September 3, 2009

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Your 20s are a great and interesting time in life. You go from dependence on your parents to half-independence through college and finally (hopefully) an independent lifestyle. It may be the only decade of life, besides your teen years, that you experience so much change. At the age of just 27, I know there’s quite the road ahead of me, but in the transitions of life, here’s what I’m gathering so far from my 20s….


Having a job you don’t have to dress up for can be worth more than a higher salary.


Always write down confirmation codes for concert tickets and hotel rooms. Always.


Some critical turning point happens where you suddenly feel ridiculous shopping in Pac Sun and find yourself only at Kohl’s. I think this is the middle period before landing in JC Penny the rest of your life.


You actually start to pause in the aisle displaying Olay super-hydrating-skin-softening-moisturizing-miracle serum.


When did I start habitually checking men’s ring fingers?


Getting asked when you’re going to graduate college when you’re in fact, working as a professional, is not yet a compliment.


I’d give anything for a nap at 1pm each day. Why did we fight this so much when we were kids?


Paying for insurance of any kind is the most boring and un-fulfilling way to spend money.


I get some kind of sick satisfaction out of vacuuming the house yet putting away laundry makes me want to throw a tantrum.


For those that graduated around 2000, remember that song “always wear sunscreen”? Dammit the guy was right.


I have a sneaking suspicion we all start drinking coffee just because it’s the “adult”thing to do. Because at first, it DOES NOT taste good. Yet somehow it becomes the sweet nectar of life in the work world. It’s some unwritten, required right of passage.


You start having discussions with your friends that include the phrase “what’s with high school kids…we weren’t like that in high school…”


Going to the mall used to be an event. Now it’s just a massive pain in the butt.


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