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Blue Lakes (Again) September 1, 2009

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Still ranking as my #1 spot in Colorado: Blue Lakes in the San Juan range. A few of the girls and I went down and day-hiked it this time. It was Lucee and Megan’s first time there, so I was excited to see their faces as we walked out of the trees to the first lake. The site is truly breathtaking!


Ok first of all, some of you know I’ve been on this bio-cleanse the last week…it was supposed to be 14 days long….but this trip ended it. Turns out it’s really hard to stay on a cleanse when travelling! I couldn’t eat wheat, starches, dairy, sugar, red meat, caffeine or alcohol. Basically I was eating like a rabbit. The cleanse was going great, but when it comes time to hike, you need calories…and sucking on a peach just wasn’t going to cut it! By the way, turkey jerky does exist…but it’s not too great. So I don’t look at it as a failure…just need to redirect the cleanse into a less busy point in my schedule.


When Carrie and I decided to bail on the cleanse, the four of us went straight to Mouse’s Chocolates in Ouray. I dug into one of their huge “scrap cookies” which probably wasn’t the BEST way to break from a cleanse. These things are amazing though. They make homemade chocolate treasures there and save the scrap chocoate to mix into these massive cookies. My stomach went through a state of shock for a few minutes but it quickly passed.


After our treats we did some shopping in Ouray then headed to the trailhead to get a campsite. We scored a great spot by the river and dove into our massive stock pile of food.


Out of respect for the cleanse, Megan brought turkey-dogs. The only way I’ll eat tube-shaped “meat” is by burning the evil out of the thing over a fire.


BL 001


Lucee, Megan and Carrie stuffing their faces as the sun sets on Mt. Sneffles

BL 003


We had a great campfire that night. Word to the wise: mountain lions should probably not be one of the last things you talk about before going to bed. Especially not when sleeping out under the stars. Poor Lucee didn’t get much sleep because she thought she heard mountain lions all night long. Turns out, what she heard was some small animal shredding our toilet paper to pieces.

BL 005


After over-sleeping an hour and a half, we got on the trail. It was cloudy off and on during the hike, and sure enough, right after we arrived at the lake it began to rain HARD. Carrie made us a great little shelter under a boulder. Emphasis on the little…sardine style.

BL 006


But the clouds parted and we got some sunshine

BL 008



BL 011


Before it got too late we set off back to the car. As soon as we arrived the sky unleashed a torrent of rain and hail. Wow, good timing!

On the schedule for this weekend: Black Eyed Peas concert in Aspen plus one more 14er before the summer is over. Due to my high level of excitement, this week will probably crawl along….


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