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DenverGreenGorge August 25, 2009

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Yeah weird title eh? Well it was a weird weekend that involved travel throughout Colorado and southern Wyoming.

Last week I had to be at an event in Denver for work. My roomate came along so we could all meet up with our friend Wendy from Colorado Springs. So after the work gig, we spent Friday drinking coffee, catching up, cruising around the zoo, and getting educated in the Museum’s IMAX.

Can you believe the director of Jurassic Park did’t use them as extras?

Misc 078

Monkeys are by far the most entertaining animals at the zoo. This guy thought we were interesting at first…I gotta admit, I was afraid he might toss some poo at us.

Misc 083

There’s Wendy…can you find Carrie?

Misc 085

On Friday night, Carrie and I drove back to Junction, repacked, and headed out Saturday morning for Carrie’s hometown of Green River, WY. They were having a big river and arts festival that we checked out on Saturday. But I gotta admit, the highlight of my day was eating at Arctic Circle…just about the best gut-bomb fast food hamburger joint ever. We used to have one in Sheridan and my friends and I were serious regulars. I’ve missed it for about 10 years so I was extremely happy to indulge in some fry sauce. On Sunday morning we woke up to cloudy skies and nice cool temperatures so we went mountain biking.

Misc 086

Misc 089

It cleared up in the afternoon, but didn’t get much warmer than 78 degrees. We were determined however, to go cliff jumping at the Flaming Gorge and then camp before heading back on Monday morning. These cliffs are perfect for jumping so I scoped out my spot…

Misc 094


Misc 095

And that’s where the fun ended. What happened next is something I need to tell my parents about first before posting it in a blog. So I’ll get back to ya on that.

But we were given an awesome rainbow right by our campsite and a great night sitting around the fire along the lakeshore. Life is good!

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2 Responses to “DenverGreenGorge”

  1. Abby Says:

    Dear Sarah,

    I am sorry for taking sooo long to get back to you, things here have been crazy busy (but good of course!). Thank you so much for sharing your heart, it is so encouraging to me to hear about how the lives of these boys affect and challenge others. Even though I spend time in the slums with some of these boys it is difficult even for me to grasp the magnitude of how many live scattered throughout Kampala. Thats great that you were able to come to Uganda, isnt it wonderful?!

    Although we don’t have a website of our own yet, it is a work in progress right now so hopefully soon I will be able to send you to that website. For now you can find out more information about me and how to support me at

    Currently, I live in a boys home in Ssenge that is run by an organization called Africa Hearts Community Organization. The street ministry that we run throughout the week and where we focus most of our energy and resources is through Grace Fellowship Church, a local church in Kampala.

    If you have any additional questions about our programs or our ministry please feel free to email me because I would love to answer them. Thanks so much for commenting on my livejournal and for getting in touch with me

    God bless


  2. Nicole Says:

    I have a feeling we will all be getting life jackets for Christmas. My dad has already asked if I use one.

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