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A Whole Lotta Nothing August 18, 2009

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For one whole weekend I did a whole bunch of nothing….well nothing in the way of summiting anything. Unless you count a flight of stairs as a summit. I took this weekend to finally clean out my apartment which involved wrastling some major dust bunnies and getting half my body inside the oven. Ewwww.


It felt weird to be in town for a weekend. I forgot what to do around here so I had to think fairly hard. But I got to meet some new friends for wine at the Rockslide, went to a movie (good grief that’s expensive), coffee with a friend from Denver, rode cruiser bikes, took care of some “grown up stuff” like bills and other financial terror….and then gave all my money to a chiropractor. But wow did it feel good. To get popped, not the check-writing part. While I’m on the subject, I wish I could post the scans and x-rays of my neck on here. WOW. I had a couple vertebrae that measured off the charts at 1,314%  Percent of what? I don’t really know but red bars on the graph meant “severe” and mine were all black which didn’t even have a rating other than “off the charts”. So I guess it is a percentage of messed-up-ness. But I’m on the road to recovery!


This week involves a TON of work at the mountain, then to Denver for work, Water World while there because I’m just not that mature and water parks are still super fun, back to Junction to pack, then off to Green River, WY for the weekend. They’re having a river and art festival thingy that sounds really fun. That’s where my roomate is from so I’ll be getting the grand tour, do some kayaking, biking, and camping. Plus we just hooked Powderhorn up as a sponsor of the art festival so I gotta do some “work” which hopefully means I can write off all my meals 🙂  Take that IRS!


Please don’t audit me.


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