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More 14ering August 11, 2009

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The Month of 14ers continued this weekend with a trip back to the collegiate peaks and then over to the front range.

Carrie has been kind enough to take a homeless girl into her home…which we have termed The Mansion since it’s the biggest/nicest/newest house I’ve lived in. Moving has been a slow process…and generally I just hate it. So I shirked my responsibilities again this weekend and headed to the mountains. We met up with my friend Katie who lives in summit county and generally kicks 14er a**


We headed back to the Buena Vista area and hiked Mt. Antero which is directly across from Mt. Princeton (the one we hiked last weekend). There’s a crazy 4WD road that takes you all the way up to 13,500 feet. We felt like that was definitely cheating though so we stopped driving much much lower. We hiked the road and then followed this little trail that left the road to start up the first ridge…turns out we made up a trail that made it a much harder climb. We did some serious route-finding through this talus field.


AnteroGreys 001


When we reached the top of this section and saw people pulling up in their cars (we hadn’t realized the road went so far) we had to laugh. We just made this 14er WAY harder than it needed to be…nothing wrong with that though! It’s an easy one.

On the summit. Number 21 for Katie, #11 for me and #2 for Carrie (in 2 weeks nice!)

AnteroGreys 005


Katie and I on the summit with a gazillion mountain ranges accentuating our beautiful, sweaty little faces

AnteroGreys 009


We’re a very lady-like bunch

AnteroGreys 010


After a great meal in Salida, Carrie and I headed over to the front range to get Greys & Torreys peaks done. These 14ers are right off I-70 outside Denver therefore everyone and their Mom hikes them. So we joined the train up the mountain on Sunday. These are beautiful peaks with a short approach and easy summit. The view from the top of Greys was amazing. If you look close in this picture you can see Breckenridge and part of Keystone. The wind however, was blowing 1,000 mph on top so we only stayed a few minutes. It was super cold and I already had all my layers on, so we figured we’d better come back another day to snag Torrey’s Peak.

AnteroGreys 014


f-f-freezing on the summit

AnteroGreys 019


Sometimes being a girl sucks. Just when you have to pee above treeline. We both had to go so bad you start to not care how many people see your white bum. Carrie found this little nook that covered enough. Not really sure why I took a picture though….and decided to share it with all of you….

AnteroGreys 021


After fighting traffic on a 14er all day we decided pizza at Beau Jo’s in Idaho Springs would hit the spot. What we didn’t think about was that it was Sunday afternoon and the traffic back to Denver is HORRIBLE! So it took us 30 minutes to go about 11 miles…then wait for a table in a full lobby (and we didn’t smell like roses). But the pizza was good, the legs were rested and we headed home. Now I just need to get serious about cleaning the apartment out and move on with my life!


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