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Mt. Princeton August 4, 2009

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Yay I finally got out and tackled another 14er this weekend! Mt. Princeton is right outside Buena Vista and offers up gorgeous views of a couple dozen other 14ers and the entire Arkansas River Valley.


We drove over Independence Pass outside Aspen on the way so Carrie and Leah could do some bouldering


m 036


Good grief Carrie is good

m 078


And Leah has only been doing this for about a month

m 093


Where was I? Where my butt belongs, right behind the camera. And playing in the creek.


m 009


We camped that night at the Princeton trailhead and hit the trail at 6am. The sunrise was a good motivator.

Princeton 001


On the trail, lots of talus on this hike. Wore out the ankles!

Princeton 003


After 3 hours and 5,000 ft. elevation gain, we made it to the top! Carrie’s first 14er.

Princeton 007


Mt. Antero in the background…another 14er for another day.

Princeton 017


On the way down, Carrie started showing signs of altitude sickness. Kudos to her, despite nausea, dizziness and a major headache, she still got herself down the mountain. So we headed to K’s in Buena Vista for an ice cream reward.
Carrie’s headache got worse so we scrapped the idea of climbing Mt. Yale the next day. Instead we found a sweet campsite at Twin Lakes.

m 139


m 164


The next morning, Leah and Carrie took a refreshing dip in this mountain lake. Too bad pictures don’t capture screams.

m 201


Well that wraps up another amazing Colorado weekend!


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