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Camp Out July 21, 2009

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It’s hitting 100 degrees here almost everyday here now, so I had to escape to the mountains again. I took my radiohead friends Chirs & Mary up on their offer to hang out at their campsite at Arrowhead. We rode ATVs, played washers, shot guns, ate too much and generally had a fairly redneck weekend.




That’s now twice this year that I’ve shot a gun…more than the last 10 years combined! I destroyed a beer can from a respectable distance.

Arrowhead 007


Mary, I don’t think it’s a good idea to trust Hollywood with your shooting style

Arrowhead 010


Playing washers at the campsite.

Chris: 21 points
Mary: 20 points
Dan: 8 points
Me: 4 (yeah I am NOT good)

Arrowhead 014


Smore time!

Arrowhead 016


This is Chris’ method for making a smore. He ended up with a burnt bottom cracker, melted chocolate and un-roasted marshmellow. Back to the drawing board.

Arrowhead 015


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