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Rodeo Week 2009 July 14, 2009

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The spurs have finally come off and I’m back in Colorado….and completely exhausted. We packed as much action we could into a short visit. Totally worth it though!

This year Carrie came along for the first time. Being from WY herself, I found I had to explain a little less….

After arriving we kicked things off with a little birthday dinner at my Mom’s house then headed out to the pits with Gabe for some serious firework shooting. This little video clip is of Gabe shooting an artillery shell out of a home-made hand canon. He shot the shell off a pond so you can kinda see the splashes. I mostly just like everyone’s laugh at the end.

The next day we got to hang with Kiaya, play in some soap, and take her to the water park.

Rodeo 09 008

Rodeo 09 015

That night we took Kiaya to the carnival. I forgot my camera….what a bad aunt. My Mom, Carrie and I went on a few rides and I found out I don’t have the stomach of a 12 year old anymore. After the Zipper I was pretty done in. It’s quite sad really.

We hit the hay pretty early so we could get up and run the Sneakers & Spurs 5K. It went really well, we weren’t last which was my only goal!

Rodeo 09 025

Then we enjoyed the parade with Kiaya. I was doing everything I could to help her score as much candy as possible.

Rodeo 09 019

Then it was off to the annual Boot Blast tournament. The game this year- Ultimate Frisbee

Rodeo 09 036

Rodeo 09 032

Kiaya took this picture, not a bad job! Usually she takes pictures of the ground.

Rodeo 09 026

The next day we drove up Red Grade to take a tour of the mountains and do some hiking. On the way up we saw…prepare yourselves….a 5-legged cow! Well, more meat I guess.

Rodeo 09 038

After we got over our shock, we took a little jaunt over to Antelope Butte to visit the place I grew up skiing.

Rodeo 09 046

Rodeo 09 049

Then we hiked Black Mountain Fire Lookout for some amazing views

Rodeo 09 051

Look at our goofy hats we won for running in the race. Carrie has her’s redneck style and I like mine farmer style.

Rodeo 09 052

Later that day at the rodeo finals…saw a big steer jump through a ring of fire!

Rodeo 09 057

We enjoyed the street dance that night until about 3am…watched the Butt Darts competition and caught up with people from high school. With very little sleep, we tried our hand at sailing the next day. Let’s just say we did get the hang of it, but not after we took on a little water.

Rodeo 09 060

And now I’m back at work and quite exhausted. I need just one full night of sleep!


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