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4th of July Weekend July 7, 2009

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I LOVE the 4th of July…fireworks, friends, food…and other F words! The good kind of F words. Heather, Leah, Carrie and I ventured down to Ouray for their fireworks show. Ouray is an old mining town tucked in a canyon in the San Juans which guarantees gorgeousness. I just made a word!


We strolled the town, popped in some shops, and watched the firemen water fight. They have teams of two and basically just stand and shoot each other with fire hoses. The object is to knock the other team out of bounds. Good thing they wear chest and face protection! Very cool small town tradition. However Butt Darts is still better.


We walked up to Cascade Falls while waiting for it to get dark

4th of July 036


The girls….minus Leah the picture-taker

4th of July 046


I like this red rock in the creek

4th of July 044


The girls did a little suprise pre-birthday celebration complete with crown, chocolate and Jonas Brothers party favors. Cute.

4th of July 052


Let the fireworks begin! They shoot them off the mountain at the end of the canyon making for a great view. The light in the background is from a bolt of lightning that just happened to get in my 30 second exposure. Lightning, peaks, loud echos, big fireworks-  couldn’t ask for a better show!

4th of July 060


After fireworks we drove to the Blue Lakes trailhead and car camped that night. After an amazing breakfast, Carrie and I backpacked in while Heather & Leah had to take off. Here are the views of the first lake where we camped.

4th of July 097


The traditional ‘view from bed’ picture

4th of July 112


Got surprised with a tent full of birthday balloons. Sheesh these guys know how to celebrate!

4th of July 108


The next day we hiked up to the next 2 lakes

4th of July 137


View of the first lake from 2nd

4th of July 152


Wildflowers along the way

4th of July 165


Carrie enjoying the view

4th of July 172


The second lake and Wolcott Mountain in the background

4th of July 182


And now I am recovering at work today, playing a softball game, packing and then heading to Sheridan for Rodeo Week! Yeeeeeehaaaaaw!


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