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Getting Lost in the La Salles June 30, 2009

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Backpacking is the best way to see areas you’d never see otherwise. I usually stay in Colorado and head either south or east, but this weekend some friends and I made the quick trip into Utah to the La Salles. This is the mountain range right outside Moab. Carrie and I went to REI to snag a map and got some great advice from my friend Matt aka Guru of All Outdoor Pursuits. He said:

1. “Take a high clearance car, I broke my Subaru there last weekend”

2. “You’ll want to buy both these maps because it’s really really easy to get lost”


I just figured he was trying to sell us more stuff…ya know working at REI and all. But we bought both and that’s a good thing. It’s also a good thing that we took Carrie’s beefy 4Runner. My bumper would have fallen off 5 minutes into the drive. Navigating was fun…one of us was constantly following the map…and when all else failed, we just picked the road that headed directly toward the mountains.


But we found what we were pretty sure was Beaver Basin and began to hike. This was our view from the starting point.

La Salles 001


After only hiking about a mile the trail ended. Just like that. And so began one of many map study sessions. Between 3 of us we the map out, a compass, a GPS, and I helped out by making myself into a human sundial just in case that was needed. Eventually we just made our own route and found a cool little shelf to camp.

La Salles 009


It was driving me nuts not knowing exactly where we were…so map study session #2 commenced around the fire. Many theories were presented…with little concrete result.

La Salles 068


The next day we went exploring and, what do you know, we found a trail….the one we were supposed to be on the whole time. But I think it originates in another dimension or a black hole…dang if I know where the trailhead was. But we followed it and landed on this saddle….where we had map study session #3

La Salles 079


We gained a good grasp on what peak was what…so we decided to summit one of them.

La Salles 085


Leah on the summit

La Salles 087


A Pika. Cutest animal above timberline.

La Salles 093


The gang on the summit. I was going for ‘Most Colorful Person in the Wilderness’ this weekend

La Salles 094


Random pics from the weekend-


Creepy mine tunnel we found

La Salles 111


Trudy has a little ostrich in her

La Salles 028


Sunset on Mt. Wass

La Salles 046


Next weekend: 4th of July in Ouray and backpack to Blue Lakes. Three backpacking weekend in a row yeah!


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