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Telluride Backpacking June 23, 2009

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Whenever my friend Carrie and I go anywhere together, you can guarantee that Plan A will not work. Thankfully we are pretty laid back and Plan B has always worked out. Actually the less we plan, the better it seems to work. I have 3 day weekends all summer, and Carrie doesn’t really have a job right now, so it means we are the two most un-responsible of our groups of friends and can leave every weekend. This weekend we went backpacking in Telluride. What we failed to consider was that it was Bluegrass Festival and the place would be packed. Oh and it’s been raining like it’s Washington around here lately.


We pulled into Telluride and it immediately started raining a steady cold drizzle. So we decided to just goof around town for the day and camp in the car that night, rather than hike for 4 hours in the rain. The festival was in full swing and we got to skim off some free concert on main street, eat at my fav place, and do some people watching. Oh boy is there good people watching during Bluegrass Fest. BUT the best  moment was when I recognized two guys walking down the sidewalk. I thought, “wow they look really familiar…maybe they just go to Powderhorn a lot.” Then it hit me. HOLY CRAP! THAT’S ANDY FROM THE OFFICE!! If you watch that show, you can guess how much I geeked out. I don’t remember the other guy’s name but he’s ‘Holly’s boyfriend’ on the show. I think they saw me freak out…they started walking a little faster.


Anyways, let’s get to the pictures…

It stopped raining by dinnertime and we had an awesome sunset camped just below Bridal Veil Falls. Carried cooked us up some good freeze dried yumminess.

TRide 019


God hooked up a beautiful sunset as usual

TRide 018


Pretty sweet backdrop!

TRide 021


Bridal Veil Falls is AMAZING. Our hike took us right under the falls and then past the top of the cliff.

TRide 007


TRide 032-1

Lots of waterfalls along the way

TRide 029


There’s really cool old mining stuff along the way

TRide 035

Creepy tunnel that runs for miles…Telluride to Silverton!

TRide 036

These tracks come out of the tunnel and then hang off a big drop…wonder where they went originally?

TRide 037


Our destination was Blue Lake at 12,400 ft…turns out its just Blue Ice in the shape of a lake…

TRide 058


We had to go in search of a new spot to camp as we needed running water to filter from. Found a pretty sweet spot under this peak…

TRide 070


…and with this view

TRide 083


It’s like The Sound of Music…only all I heard were Carrie’s goofy ‘songs about nothing’

TRide 065


I tried to “ski” down a snow field in my shoes and ended up crashing and soaking my butt. So this was my tactic for drying my pants over the world’s smallest campfire.

TRide 075


Trudy got slapped in the face by a porcupine so she had a rough night being in pain, plus it was pretty dang cold. So we had 2 of us and a massive dog in my little tent. The sun on the tent the next day was welcomed with open arms.

Yet another great view from bed.

TRide 095

Now it’s time to work for a few days before the next adventure. Thinking the La Salles in Utah…


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