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The Last of Uganda June 17, 2009

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I promise….well maybe.

Sorry I’ve been back for 2 weeks and still haven’t posted everything. Here’s some more pictures and stories to wrap it up:

Here’s Megan sharing the gospel at a home. We saw literally hundreds believe in Christ for the first time. It was awesome to share the gospel with people and then tell them that they don’t have to do ANYTHING but believe to receive forgiveness and eternal life. They expected us to have some hidden agenda or list of rules, but when they just heard the pure gospel…they were impacted by God.

Uganda 080

Here’s Ken racing his translator while we waited for the vans to come back for us. The white guy actually won!

Uganda 096

I was on the schools team one day. Here’s a shot of the class at a primary school.

Uganda 113

Josh speaking at the school. They gathered all their students outside just to hear what the Mzungus had to say!

Uganda 119

Me with a bunch of school kids

Uganda 125

We also visited a high school and another primary school that day.

Uganda 131

We visited the Lulwanda Children’s Home on a “rest day” and got to see them put on an awesome program. Such great kids!

Uganda 152

On the last Sunday we got to see the church officially dedicated. What an amazing day! We saw all the people we had spoke with all week during the hut-to-huts. The place was packed! You can see more of the service in the video on the previous post.

Uganda 165

Their new well at the church
Uganda 164

Leaving was pretty difficult. Kids lined up around the vans and along the road to see us off.

Uganda 138

After one more ministry day and some rest, we began the adventure home. On the drive to the airport (which took about 3-4 hours) we stopped in Jinja at, what HAS to be, the only Chinese restaurant in Uganda. It was yummy!

Uganda 181

After a shopping stop in Kampala we got stuck in the craziest/biggest traffic jam I’ve ever seen. This is a roundabout with really no rules or any hope of ever getting out of it.

Uganda 183

The cranes they have there are HUGE. We’re talking 6 foot wing span. We just started calling them Teradactyls.

Uganda 193

Our last Ugandan sunset

Uganda 197

As far as the travel back goes, I think this picture says it all. Desperately hoping for sleep in the Amsterdam airport…

Uganda 206

What an amazing trip! I’m already on the countdown for Uganda 2010!

I’m giving the message at church tonight on the trip and what I’ve learned. If it doesn’t completely bomb, I’ll post the link next week where you can listen online.


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