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I Heart Baseball June 13, 2009

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In case you aren’t aware, baseball is the greatest team sport in America. If you guessed football, you are wrong. Baseball is very American and you are just not patriotic if you don’t appreciate the sport.


Ok that might have been a little strong. But I really enjoy watching baseball. Especially when the Seattle Mariners are playing and when I’m there.

The M’s are playing the Rockies in inter-league play right now and it just so happens I was already in town for work. I met up with my cousin Dan, miss Wendy, Buzz and JD from Sheridan, and brought Carrie along as she is our newest fan. It was weird to be at Coors Field and not root for the Rockies….but they were playing my guys so sorry Rocks.


Mariners 013


Carrie has never watched baseball before so I’m educating her on the greatness of it all….especially the Mariners. So this was her first real game.

Mariners 027


Wendy had to go and be different and root for the Rockies…the only one in the group. Heckling ensued.

Mariners 016


The Mariners were down 2 so we had to get the rally caps going! Yeah, they ended up losing 6-4 but it was a great game!

Mariners 034


I’ll get back to the Uganda updates now!


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