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Uganda Part 3 June 9, 2009

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Wow I think it’s safe to say this is going to take forever to get all the pictures and stories out there! I’m up for it if you are.

The next day we began the meat of the ministry. Monday – Friday we went out to the village of Kolira to share the gospel. This is the area where the new church had been built. I got pastor John Opio as my translator and we worked very well together. He would begin translating as I was finishing my sentence, then I would pick up as soon as he was done. So it flowed very well. It’s nice too because while he’s translating, you have time to think of what you’ll say next.

Walking to the homes. We just followed these little trails through fields to the various collections of huts. These are made out of mud/manure and grass or bamboo. They’re very well constructed and nice and cool inside. When we walked into their area, my translator would say “Koli” which was like saying “can we come in?” Immediately a woman or one of the kids would run to grab their one chair and set it under a tree or under the awning of the hut for me to sit in. They were extremely welcoming.

Uganda 052

Paul and Cindy greeting some of the locals. We were the first white people (or ‘Mzungos’) that most of the kids had ever seen! They were a little timid of us at first…but very curious. You can’t go on a trip like this without being ok with getting stared at, touched, poked, pinched, pulled etc.

Uganda 056

After our hut-to-hut visits we would walk back to the church for lunch (which was always some kind of meat, rice and pineapple). Then the local team would prep everything for the crusade and get that rolling anywhere between 3:30 and 5pm.

 Uganda 073

Some of the kids hanging out before the program began. This is that first day so they were still pretty shy.

Uganda 063

Trying to get them out of their shells…

Uganda 066

These kids absolutely loved to see a picture of themselves. You were completely mobbed anytime you pulled out a camera!

Uganda 104

Always playing

Uganda 101

The sunsets were amazing

Uganda 074

Critter picture of the day: There was a large tree right outside the front door of our hotel that was full of bats. Sometimes the bats would get into the hotel. I had one chase me down the hall after breakfast. This one was in the computer room as Josh and I were checking our email. As Josh stood up to snap a picture, he scared the bat and it started flying in circles. Well in it’s state of panic, it peed right by our heads. We dove out of the way but there was bat pee on the computers. Nice going Josh.

Uganda 075


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