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Uganda Part 2 June 8, 2009

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After travelling most of the day across Uganda we arrived at our hotel in Mbale. This is the view from the hotel of Mt. Elgon. It kinda looks like a tropical version of the Grand Mesa! A little reminder of home. But Elgon had massive waterfalls and gorillas….so, not so much like the Mesa. At least I haven’t seen a gorilla at my office yet.

Uganda 029

I just liked their trees and sunsets there. 

Uganda 032

We had to sleep with mosquito nets over us each night which was fun because it was like camping…only inside…hmmm.

Uganda 034

We visited the church in Mbale the next day. This is a considerably nice church. When we walked in the music was blaring, everyone was singing in Luganda and dancing and clapping. It was a blast! There’s no worries about time there. So they just start church whenever most people are there and then wrap up when they feel done. I taught a women’s Sunday school class about 10 minutes after arriving. Talk about hitting the ground running. I’d never worked with a translator before or anything. It really forces you to realize you can’t do this and to just allow God to do His thing. After you let go, you just get to watch the God show.

I really respected a lot of things about how they function as a church there. It seems they are really ‘the church’….more than just a place to go worship for awhile. For example, they fed everyone lunch after service. Many of the kids also got breakfast in the morning. I know it’s a different culture with different needs, but it was just an interesting thing to observe.

Uganda 039

After church we spent the whole afternoon playing with kids. I had no idea how much fun that would be! These kids love to be loved. Eventhough we couldn’t always understand each other, we could communicate easily when just playing and laughing.

Uganda 047

This is one of my favorite pictures. And I was fortunate enough to see these kids again in a separate part of town about a week later!

Uganda 045

And now for the random critter story of the day….
Each night we had geckos in the hotel. Very cool little lizard things. And very fast!

Uganda 048


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