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Uganda Part 1 June 6, 2009

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I think I’ve gotten myself back on the mountain time zone sleep schedule thankfully. So now it’s time to start posting pictures from the trip! It was absolutely amazing and it’s difficult to know where to start. But I’ll post a series of pictures from a few days at a time and try to share all the stories I can remember.

I’ve never flown internationally before so it was all an exciting experience to me. We flew Denver- Detroit- Amsterdam- Entebbe. While on the plane over the Atlantic I saw the sun set then rise again 3 hours later. I was extremely confused. Here I am with a few team members in the Amsterdam airport with very little sleep.

Uganda 003

We arrived in Entebbe at night and drove to a hotel for the night. It felt SO good to shower after 2 days of travelling. Baby wipe bathes get kinda old. Here are some trees outside that hotel as we waited for our vans to take us on the day-long drive to Mbale. We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto!

Uganda 011

The drive to Mbale was quite the experience. We were told to keep our arms inside the van or there was a good chance they’d get taken off. No kidding! They zip past each other so close you swear that a head-on collision is imminent. It was so exciting though just to see a whole different world. We drove through Kampala where there were no traffic lights…or traffic laws for that matter…at least it seemed. Motorcycles, people on bikes and pedestrians weaved in and out of the traffic everywhere. There are NO lanes, seat belts, really any safety precautions. But they sure know what they are doing and it provided us with the time to soak in the world around us. I was plastered to the window.

Driving through Entebbe/Kampala

Uganda 013

Uganda 014

Signage in Kampala encouraging democracy. If you know anything about the history of Uganda…Idi Amin in particular then you see why this is so important for them.

Uganda 016

Uganda 015

By the way, turns out I was wrong. We were not based in Kampala but in Mbale about 100 miles away near the Kenyan border. I was WAY off!

Tea fields near Jinja

Uganda 017

We stopped at the headwaters of the Nile River. What a huge river! This picture just shows one fork of the river.

Uganda 022

While we were at the Nile, a couple girls from a nearby children’s home were hanging out with us. They were snacking on fried grasshoppers and offered them to our group. I thought I should go for it…it’s Africa and I should experience as much as possible right? Well it was very crunchy and tasted really salty. Honestly, you can feel the antennas and everything. And no, they don’t taste like chicken.

Uganda 020

And I’m out of time so that’s where we’ll have to leave the story for today. I’m working on getting the video together and will post more pictures tomorrow!


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  1. Wendy Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing stories! I so look forward to more and to seeing you this weekend!

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