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WYO Weekend May 13, 2009

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My brother graduated from the University of Wyoming last weekend with a Bachelor’s of Genius aka Civil Engineering. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a room with so many smart people. My friend Carrie and I drove up since she has family in Laramie too (yay for WYO kids!) and we all had a good ol’ country time.

Good job Danny!

Laramie 002

All us kiddos

Laramie 012

The aunts and Kiaya

Laramie 010

For Mother’s Day we all went out to a nice little breakfast…..and then commenced the most Wyoming afternoon ever. My uncle has an arsenal of guns and he took us all shooting. I was pretty scared to shoot anything bigger than a 22….but by the end I had shot a machine gun, 9mm, .45, and shotgun. POWER! muahahahaha! I think we could have invaded a small country.

Me learning to shoot the machine gun. I was so nervous!


My mom is GOOD


Danny blowing stuff up with whatever huge gun that is


Yep I answered the phone while I was shooting…don’t know why


Dick is about to get’er done!


After all the shooting madness, I had to get on the road. Carrie and I drove back into Colorado and found a sweet little camping spot for the night. Thank God for fire, it got a little chilly.

Laramie 035

Trudy had to sleep in the tent with us, poor dog was freezing!

Laramie 036

The next day we stopped by Hanging Lake for a quick hike on the way home. With the runoff at peak, it was AMAZING!

Laramie 042

And now my sights are set on Uganda. 1 week to departure!


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