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A Weekend in Moab May 4, 2009

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How do you know when it’s spring in Moab?

All the license plates turn green.

Yep, spring is the time when all of us Colorado folk invade Moab. What the tourists don’t know, is that July/August is NOT the time to check out Moab. It’s a furnace. My friend Carrie and I just wanted to get out of town for a weekend so we opted for a little camping/hiking trip to Moab. It’s only about an hour and a half from Junction, so it’s an easy getaway. What we failed to do was much planning. At all. The only thing I did was pick out which trail to hike.

We left Junction around 8:30…which is probably the earliest you could ever get Carrie out of bed. The exact second we pulled into the parking lot at the trailhead, it started to rain. Dangit!

So we thought we’d just hike it later or the next morning and we headed into town to my favorite smoothie shop. If you go, it’s Paradise Cafe on Main Street and order the Strawberry Twist. It’ll change your  life.

Carrie had never been to Arches National Park so we decided we’d spend the day checking it out. She’s on Search & Rescue for Mesa County so she did a little shamless name-dropping and got us into the park for free. Well played! We thought we were just going to poke around and try to entertain ourselves despite the rain. Turns out, Plan B (aka fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants) was the best plan ever!

We started off in our rain jackets checking out Double Arch

And Carrie monkied around on just about everything despite the drizzle


The sun finally came out for our short hike to the Delicate Arch viewpoint


But then a hurricane came out of nowhere


It only lasted a few minutes though and when the sun came back out, the colors were AMAZING!



Gotta have your standard “best buds” shot


An important thing to do when planning would have been to snag a campsite. Well we had dinner in town then mosy-ed out to the campgrounds as the sun was setting. Yeah, we should have gotten one sooner, everything was full! Then, we accidentally drove down a random dirt road, found an awesome campground right by the CO river, and there was ONE spot left! And here is the view we had as we set up camp…


Sitting around the fire


Not a bad view from your bed!



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