Getting humbled, one way or another

That Gym Guy April 11, 2009

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If you workout at a gym regularly you know what I’m talking about….That Guy. That Guy is the one who wears that Hulk Hogan weight training belt around, “pumps iron”, grunts and screams for extra effect, and then slams the weights down on the floor. That Guy also stares at himself in the mirror while flexing his biceps and examines his pecs. If you’re a girl, he’s also That Guy that then winks at you in the mirror.


Sometimes That Guy is surrounded by Those Guys that “train” with him which really just means they take turns spotting each other and BS. It takes Those Guys an hour to get through one set which will then be followed with backslaps, crotch adjustments, and “that was a good workout.”


There’s also That Girl…but that’s for another time. Wow, going to the gym makes for some great people watching.


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