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Snow Days April 5, 2009

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Sheridan has received a couple feet of snow since I’ve been here. And the mountains have probably had 3-4 feet. Not having to think about work or…anything really…has been so nice!

My Dad took Gabe and I up skiing again with the little tugboat snowmobile.


Gabe had completely ruined his skis earlier this season (nothing is indestructible in that kid’s hands) so he was having to ski on OLD straight K2s that we pulled out of the rafters in my Dad’s garage. He did just fine with them though!


There were a lot of really fun little drifts that we were hitting all day long (hard to tell in this pic though)


Getting towed back up the hill


It snowed all that day and night. The next day I thought it would be really fun to take Kiaya sledding at Linden hill (which I remember being much bigger and scarier!)

There’s a 3 year old in there somewhere I swear. Poor kid, the snow blasted her in the face and completely buried her on one run down.


So we taught her to make snow angels after that…a little less snow in the face with this activity.


I have to head back to CO tomorrow. Not really looking forward to the drive…or working again. The real work at the ski area begins now for me. I’ll be in full geek mode by Tuesday.


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