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Where the Deer & Antelope Play April 2, 2009

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I’m seriously enjoying some slow-down time in WYO. Sleeping in till 8 (that’s a lot when you get up at 5!), doing some skiing, plenty of eating and playing with Kiaya. The only thing I always forget about are the slow drivers. Speed limit is 30, they’re going 25….AHHHHH. My car is about to stall driving down Loucks.

The drive up was great and it was nice having the company of my brother. This way I got to talk to an actual person instead of myself. And all my friends were spared those phone calls that are merely for keeping me from boredom/awake.


We stopped off at Independence Rock to stretch the legs….ok and for me to go to the bathroom for the 5th time. Coffee is not your friend when you’re in a car for 9 hours. Anyways, for those non-Wyo folks, this is where the Oregon Trail went through and people stopped here to carve their names in the rock. It was a big milestone to make it this far, roughly the halfway point on their journey from the east.


This is the oldest one I could find (kinda hard to see- 1849)

We saw a Bald Eagle flying over Independence Rock. This is the part of the show where a very patriotic song would play…


Yesterday my Dad got his 1976 double track snowmobile running and he towed me up Red Grade for some powder turns. There was 3 feet of fresh snow! Yep, we’re going back tomorrow.


The chariot coming back to get me. Thanks Dad!



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