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Happy Fun Time March 26, 2009

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I’m excited right now. That wet-your-pants kind of excited! Well and I just had a decent amount of coffee…so that could be part of it.


We’re closing the mountain after this weekend and, out of nowhere, we’ve gotten a huge storm! The mountain has received 18″ of snow in the last couple days and we’re supposed to get a lot more today. And I’m in my office…then going to meetings all day….boo. BUT I’ll get plenty of powder skiing in tomorrow.


Then my mom, stepdad, brother and niece are coming to town! It’s really a bonus having the other niece down here…the family visits have curiously increased 🙂  I’ll take lots of pictures especially since Kiaya is coming along. She’s a never-ending source of entertainment to say the least. Gabe plans to snowboard on Saturday on a board he won from a construction company or something….this will be interesting. His faith in this free board is admirable. I’ll have ski patrol on standby…


We’re racing mountain bikes down the slopes on Saturday too. That’s always a recipe for entertaining disaster….insert evil laugh here.



Powderhorn closes on Sunday for the season. It’s sad but I’m ready for no more 5am snow reports though. We’re all dressing up in costumes and stuff. Why? I don’t know. But I’ll be an amazing skiing nun…so ya can’t miss me.

I’m set up for the most perfectly random weekend ever. Hope you all have a great one as well!


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